Our Cakes


Our cakes

Here is a sampling of some of our most popular cakes for order.
Please note that your cake will likely be garnished different than the pictured cakes.
All cake orders require 48 hours notice.
Cakes larger than 10 slices require payment in advance.
All of our desserts are made in-house by our excellent pastry chefs from recipes that
Tony has collected, created, and perfected through the years.

CWH_2806White chocolate rocher website.jpg

White Chocolate Rocher

Created by Chef Tony Holden, this cake is our biggest seller and unique to us. It is composed of rich white chocolate mousse, almond sponge cake, and a crispy hazelnut wafer. Some people compare it's crispy texture to that of "Ferrero Rocher."

6.75 x slice / six-slice cake 40.50 /
ten-slice cake 67.5

CWH_2738Choc carm sacher website.jpg

Chocolate Caramel Sacher (GF)

Our chocolate caramel sacher is a cake that contains no gluten in the recipe. It is composed of sheets of chocolate sponge cake layered with chocolate & caramel mousse and a rich caramel glaze.
Almond flour is used.

6.25 x slice / six-slice cake 37.50 /
ten-slice cake 62.50

CWH_2816Chocolate raspberry delice website.jpg

Chocolate Raspberry Delice

The chocolate raspberry delice is a classic chocolate sponge cake with milk chocolate mousse, fresh raspberries, and chocolate ganache on the outer layer. 

Six-slice cake 30 / twelve-slice cake 48

CWH_2729Jour et Nuit website.jpg

Jour et Nuit

Meaning "Day and Night", this cake is all dark and light - almond sponge cake, white chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge cake, and dark chocolate mousse. 

5.25 x slice / six-slice cake 31.50 /
ten-slice cake 52.50

CWH_2747Italiano website.jpg

Italiano (GF)

The Italiano, and Italian style cake of dense chocolate and espresso cake. It almost has the texture of a fudge-forward brownie, with a hint of espresso. No gluten is used in this recipe. 


5.25 x slice / six-slice cake 32.00 /
twelve-slice cake 52.00