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Please call our kitchen at 384-8669 for more details or to place an order.

Please note that not all desserts are available at all times, and cakes may be decorated different from photo.

prices subject to change without notice.

CWH_2729Jour et Nuit website.jpg

Jour et Nuit

White chocolate mousse, dark chocolate mousse, almond sponge cake, chocolate sacher cake

Small (6-slice) /// 32.00
Large (10-12 slice) /// 52.50

CWH_2806White chocolate rocher website.jpg

White Chocolate Rocher

White chocolate mousse with crispy hazelnut wafer and almond sponge cake

Small (6-slice) /// 40.50
Large (10-12 slice) /// 67.50

CWH_3027-Blueberry Cheesecake01.jpg


Flavour and style changes weekly.

Small (6-slice) /// 30.00
Large (10-12 slice) /// 48.00

CWH_2816Chocolate raspberry delice website.jpg

Chocolate Raspberry Delice

Classic style chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse, fresh raspberries, and ganache glaze

Small (6-slice) /// 30.00
Large (12-slice) /// 48.00

CWH_2747Italiano website.jpg

Italiano (gf)

Dense chocolate and espresso cake

Small (6-slice) /// 32.00
Large (10-slice) /// 52.00

CWH_2987-Golden Buttercake01.jpg

Lemon Golden Buttercake

With lemon curd and Italian meringue

Small /// 30.00

Chocolate Caramel Sacher (gf)

Chocolate caramel mousse with almond sacher sponge and caramel glaze

Small (6-slice) /// 37.50
Large (10-12 slice) /// 62.50