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Please call our kitchen at 384-8669 for more details or to place an order.

Please note that not all desserts are available at all times, and cakes may be decorated different from photo.

CWH_2729Jour et Nuit website.jpg

Jour et Nuit

White chocolate mousse, dark chocolate mousse, almond sponge cake, chocolate sacher cake

Small (6-slice) /// 32.00
Large (10-12 slice) /// 52.50

CWH_2806White chocolate rocher website.jpg

White Chocolate Rocher

White chocolate mousse with crispy hazelnut wafer and almond sponge cake

Small (6-slice) /// 40.50
Large (10-12 slice) /// 67.50

CWH_3027-Blueberry Cheesecake01.jpg


Flavour and style changes weekly.

Small (6-slice) /// 30.00
Large (10-12 slice) /// 48.00

CWH_2816Chocolate raspberry delice website.jpg

Chocolate Raspberry Delice

Classic style chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse, fresh raspberries, and ganache glaze

Small (6-slice) /// 30.00
Large (12-slice) /// 48.00

CWH_2747Italiano website.jpg

Italiano (gf)

Dense chocolate and espresso cake

Small (6-slice) /// 32.00
Large (10-slice) /// 52.00

CWH_2987-Golden Buttercake01.jpg

Lemon Golden Buttercake

With lemon curd and Italian meringue

Small /// 30.00

Chocolate Caramel Sacher (gf)

Chocolate caramel mousse with almond sacher sponge and caramel glaze

Small (6-slice) /// 37.50
Large (10-12 slice) /// 62.50